Imitating and Faux-Finishing Brushes

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Mottler Brush Mottler
For marbling, for fine modeling of wood imitations etc.
From €1.19 *
Mottler Brush Mottler
For painting broad passages, washes, and for varnishing.
From €1.93 *
Mottler Brush Wavy Mottler
To create wood imitations.
From €7.95 *
Pipe-Over-Grainer Pipe-Over-Grainer
Brush for marbling.
From €11.10 *
Badger Brush Badger Blender
Wood imitation, marbling, etc.
From €53.15 *
Flogger Brush Flogger Brush
To create unique effects in faux finishing.
From €18.48 *
Sword Striper Sword Striper
Brush to draw-out long and steady lines.
From €12.35 *
Varnish/Flowing Brush Varnish/Flowing Brush
To apply varnish, lacquer, enamel, and shellac to smooth-surface materials.
From €27.35 *
Fitcher Brush Round Fitch
Round Fitch, bristles in copper-plated capsules standard sizes.
From €10.80 *
Stencil Brush Stencil Brush
Extra short light bristles to create smooth transitions.
From €1.40 *
Steel Graining Combs Marbling Steel Comb Set
Tool for imiation.
€22.02 *
Naturschwamm Natural Sea Sponge
For marble stippling and other faux finishes.
€12.14 *
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