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Kölner Synthetic Brush Kölner Synthetic Brush
Brush Cat's tongue
From €2.81 *
Kölner Watercolour Brush Kölner Watercolour Brush
Fine brush round-pointed.
From €1.98 *
Kölner Lettering Brush Kölner Lettering Brush
For the application of water size, Activator or Miniatum.
From €1.66 *
Kölner Spezial Retuschierpinsel Schriftpinsel Größe 5 Kölner Retouching Brush
Calligraphy / retouching brush
From €3.39 *
Poster Brush Poster/Lettering Brush
Flat One Stroke Brush
From €1.95 *
Lettering Brush Lettering Brush
Lettering Brush round square tip
From €2.71 *
Lettering Brush Showcard Brush
Sharp needle pointed Liner
From €3.19 *