Water Colour / Retouching Brushes

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Kölner Watercolour Brush Kölner Watercolour Brush
Fine brush round-pointed.
From €1.63 *
Kölner Spezial Retuschierpinsel Schriftpinsel Größe 5 Kölner Retouching Brush
Calligraphy / retouching brush
From €2.95 *
Water Colour Brush Water Colour Brush
Selected Kolinsky Red Sable hair.
From €3.68 *
Double-End Water Colour Brush Double-End Water Colour Brush
Special brush with two different hair lengths.
From €2.32 *
Water Colour Brush golden synthetic Water Colour Brush
Synthetic Toray hair.
Content 1 piece(s)
From €1.50 *
Retouching Brush Retouching Brush
Brush with extra short hair.
From €3.64 *
Dust Brush Dust Brush
Brush with white goat hair.
From €15.95 * €17.95 *