Goldmarie® Square 3 x 3 mm

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GOLDMARIE® Gold square - real gold leaf in 23 carat in fine squares. Is sprinkled on a... more
Product information "Goldmarie® Square 3 x 3 mm"

GOLDMARIE® Gold square - real gold leaf in 23 carat in fine squares.

Is sprinkled on a piece of paper and simply lifted with the Goldmarie fan brush and applied to the food or plate.

THE GOLDEN HIGHLIGHT FOR GOURMETS. Use gold or silver to refine your food and beverages. Set a golden highlight with genuine gold and real silver products from GOLDMARIE. Refine your food and drinks for festive occasions or give away something special.

The gold powder is suitable for decorating delicacies. Food and drinks can be refined with the gold powder.
For example: chocolates, chocolates, desserts, tarts, cakes, main dishes, drinks, and much more.

We place the highest demands on the quality of our products. All products are subject to defined quality controls.

Gold leaf from 22 carats is generally suitable for consumption (food ingredient # E 175). This edible gold leaf has been tested and certified by the state trade institute. Edible gold leaf (= food coloring # E175) and edible silver leaf (= food coloring # E174) is a usable additive for chocolates, liqueurs, sweets and pastries in Germany.
All products "edible gold leaf" and "edible silver leaf" are manufactured in the gold leaf manufactory while maintaining the highest control of the food production. With certificates such as This is documented via the LGA.

Larger quantities on request:

Edible Gold Leaf (food colouring E 175) and Silver Leaf (food colouring E 174) is a restricted food additive for chocolate, confectionery, biscuits and liqueur in Germany. Special dispensation for sparkling wine with liqueur-additive. 
Outside of Germany, the legislation of the respective country has to be checked, before use of edible Gold or Silver Leaf.


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17 Nov 2020

Mini Blattgold

Top - Mini Blattgold zum Streuen - Dominosteine sehen super aus

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